Life Coaching

It’s your life. Create it!

At Healing Leaders we offer life coaching at a personal level as well as organization coaching for our business clients. Please contact Bill Southworth directly ( for further information on organizational coaching.

Life Coaching is designed for people in the process of changing and improving their personal lives and their ways of being. It puts adults and teens in the position of creating the life they want by working within a confidential, reflective partnership with the coach. The life coach assumes clients are healthy, whole and resourceful enough to find their own answers with an experienced listener-advocate offering reflection, perspective, and insightful questions to guide their journeys to deeper levels of satisfaction with their lives. Life Coaching is not psychotherapy or analyzing the past; instead it focuses on acknowledging one’s current situation and ways of being in the world, then creating a more desired future.

If you are considering working with a coach in order to change your life, your sense of dissatisfaction might center around your career, your relationships, your ability to handle money, your quest for spiritual depth or your direction in life. And, if you’re willing to open yourself to inner growth and development, then you’ve already begun.

Penny Welch brings perspective and life experience to coaching through her varied interests and careers in financial planning, small business management, sales, customer service, teaching and parenting. She has observed peoples’ many ways of being by living in Spain, England and the United States and travelling in Europe, South America, North America and Asia. She trained for coaching with Newfield Network.

Contact Penny ( to continue your personal journey of self-discovery, spiritual development, awareness and consciousness.