Conservation Hero Award

Bill Southworth was presented with a unique award on April 9, 2003 by participants from the National Park Service who attended his Art of Facilitation, Level II workshop in McElmo Canyon. On Bill's left is Lelia Mellen, and on his right, Julie Isbill, both from the National Park Service. The citation that accompanied the presentation is the following:

"Occasionally there is someone who has done so much and with such dignity, to conserve our precious world, that we decide to present that person with a Conservation Hero Award. On April 9, 2003, it was with great pride and sincerity that the Rivers & Trails program of the National Park Service named Bill Southworth a Conservation Hero."

"Bill has worked with the Rivers & Trails program since 1996 teaching nearly every staff person across the country the Art of Facilitation. Thanks to Bill's techniques and wisdom, Park Service staff have used these skills to help conservation groups function and thrive. Bill's influence has been spread throughout the Rivers & Trails program, and thus throughout the nation's conservation communities. We can think of no one person who has had such an effect on the daily work and success of the Rivers & Trails program and the people we serve. It is with great gratitude, respect and love that we honor Bill Southworth as a Conservation Hero."

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